June 14, 2017

Building Regulations Part L Thermography

We provide surveys and inspections to check insulation will comply with UK Building Regulations Part L.

Thermal imaging is the best and only non-intrusive method of checking that insulation is installed, continuous and to an adequate performance. Whilst a thermographic survey is not currently mandated in UK Building Regulations Part L as means for proving compliance, this could well be the case in the near future. Irrespective, when conducted in an appropriate manner in compliance with BS EN 13187 and industry good practice, it is a well recognised method.

The goal is to use infrared thermal imaging to check the continuity and performance of the insulation in walls, roofs and floors.  With that in mind, ScanTherm has developed thermal imaging test methods and reporting methods that can be used today to verify using the likely compliance with Part L. If compliance is not found, the location and severity and likely cause of the non-compliance will be documented. We can apply this to any building covered by Approved Documents Part L1A, Part L1B, Part L2A or Part L2B Conservation of Fuel and Power.

When will UK Building Regulations call for thermal imaging or thermographic surveying of buildings?  That is currently unknown, however there are indications from the UKTA that it may be soon.  It should be remembered that in older versions of UK Building Regulations, Part L did promote the use of thermal imaging as a possible means of compliance for example way back in 2002. So as the thermal imaging industry matures and for buildings,  Competent Persons Schemes are developed with organisations such as BRE and UKTA, ScanTherm is well placed to provide this service to the industry.

Part L thermographic survey continuity of insulation

Part L thermographic survey continuity of insulation