October 2, 2017

How Much Does a Thermal Imaging Survey Cost?

How Much does a Thermal Imaging Survey Cost?

This is a very common question with a very easy answer: it depends!

What does the fee we charge depend on?

  1. The type and size of building
  2. The preparation required
  3. The projected survey time and equipment required
  4. The location and travel costs/time
  5. The deliverable: in other words, what is required as an output.

Typical Thermal Imaging Survey Prices

Thermal surveys we have conducted ranged from as little as £200+VAT to well over £50,000 and pretty much every price point between. Please do contact us to discuss your project and obtain a quote.

Are we the cheapest thermal imaging company? Sometime yes – we have won large and small projects purely on price. But our goal is to offer the best value . By this we mean that we want to do the job once, do it properly, at a competitive price for a professional job. And with outstanding service.  That is how we get repeat customers.

We do of course sometimes lose business on price. Inexperienced people using low end equipment, badly, and at the wrong time, will often be cheaper. There is a right way to do a survey but there are many wrong ways. We do our best to do the former!

Survey Price List

We do not have a standard price list because in our experience, almost every project is a little different. Even a basic house survey.  Buying a thermographic inspection of your property is not like buying a Homebuyers Report which is a standardised and a well defined item. A thermographic inspection is a bespoke service. Even when following industry standards, it is very much in the thermographers hands to decide how and when to conduct the survey. And how much to report on.

We will ask questions and then (normally quickly) send out a written quotation. In almost every case this will be a fixed price which we commit to. We do not have a minimum fee or call out charge. We don’t normally charge a day-rate as it is impossible for most clients to have any idea how long it will take us to do what we need to do.

As a guideline:

  •  We spend a significant time on the planning of almost any survey, which you do not see.
  • This means we tend to be faster on-site and can cover much more than you might imagine in half a day, an hour, or even half an hour.
  • Some types of survey are much harder to price than others. For example leak tracing can be a forensic activity which is quite time consuming and hard to predict. On the other hand, a standard heat loss survey is easier to predict, but may have more extensive reporting and anti-social survey times.
  • We often request to survey in anti-social hours. This is not for fun but is to make sure we have the best conditions reasonably possible to get the best result for you.
  • We NEVER conduct on-site reporting. This is fraught with danger of misdiagnosis.And we are better to be gathering data at that time than fiddling with iPads to bang out a quick report.
  • We spend much more time than most on the analysis and reporting, which you do not see. Whilst we may draw initial conclusions on site, normally our final conclusions will only be drawn after looking at ALL the data we have. This will include visual and thermal images as well as supplementary measurements. Often the devil is in the detail of high resolution visual or thermal images magnified on the computer screen and not visible on site.
  • If you have requested a report, which is the norm, it will be thorough. Our approach to every report is that it must be clear and “defendable”.