September 19, 2014

Damp Cavity Wall Insulation Detection

Thermal imaging inspection to locate and diagnose damp CWI (cavity wall insulation).

We have surveyed many different types of property to diagnose damp issues caused by the cavity wall insulation.  This work has been carried out on behalf of councils, housing associations, surveyors, architects and also property management organisations such as block management companies. And of course individual home owners.

Problems such as damp spotting on internal walls is normally caused by a combination of defects such as poor pointing, defective wall ties, defective or missing cavity trays or a leaking roof in combination with a partial fill or failed cavity wall insulation system.  Our thermographic surveys use the best infrared camera systems in conjunction with a proven process, other non-destructive tools and advanced software evaluation to help understand and document the concern in a systematic and non-invasive way.  Whilst borescope inspection may be required in addition in some cases, the thermographic survey of the whole cavity wall system is invaluable to understand the problem at a whole-building level.  It can be used to help decide what remedial work may be required and localise any expensive cavity clearing work to the necessary minimum.  A thermal imaging survey of type, conducted in line with appropriate standards by a certified civil thermographer and backed up with secondary measurements provides clear visual evidence that is hard to argue with.  It can therefore be used to head off a dispute before it escalates.

As we are totally independent, we have no vested interest in suggesting any specific resolution so you can trust ScanTherm to be unbiased and totally professional.

scantherm wet cavity insulation thermal image

thermographic damp survey of cavity insulation