October 20, 2017

District Heating

Locate leaks and check insulation of district heating systems.

One of the best ways to locate leaks or check for location or insulation continuity from district heating systems can be to utilise thermal imaging.  The precise location of the pipes in older systems can be determined, if not already known.  Thermal anomalies can be identified which may indicate leak locations.

ScanTherm has experience of conducting thermal surveys of district heating system for energy companies.   We typically use a vehicle mounted mast to ensure we have enough elevation to clearly see the pipe routes and make comparisons. This can elevate the infrared camera up to 25m above the road if necessary. Thermographic inspections of district heating systems are generally conducted on cold nights.

There are many possible causes of hot spots which may not be leaks so some care must be taken to identify which are the most likely leak points or are caused by other factors such as a recently parked car.