Our Thermal Imaging Cameras and Equipment

We use infrared cameras from Flir, Fluke and Testo.

We use a wide range of equipment choosing the most suitable for the job in hand. Our cameras range up to 640×480 resolution with a thermal sensitivity <35mK.  We also utilise the most advanced software to create panoramic thermal images, and have wide angle and telephoto lenses for some of our cameras.

What does this all mean? It means we can create infrared images with the highest geometric and thermal resolution possible.  Whilst this takes time, it can provide the most understandable thermal images leading to the best interpretation and recommendation.

Sometimes a lower specification camera (never less than 320×240) allows us to work faster and cheaper – we will select the best thermal imaging camera for our customers’ needs.

Thermal image interpretation is not just about the image itself: it is about the process used to take it, the data gathered prior to and during the test and other design and historical information on the building in question. We therefore use the best instruments from Tramex, Testo, Bosch, Panasonic and Fluke to provide supporting data and verification for our thermal images.

We also have relationships with specialists in complementary skills like aerial photography allowing us to provide roof surveys and views down on solar panels and other equipment. As any thermographer knows, elevation can be invaluable in getting the definitive thermal image!