October 21, 2017

Stock Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys for councils, housing associations and other landlords.


Why Conduct Stock Surveys using Thermal Imaging?

There are many reasons why ScanTherm conducts stock surveys using thermography.  Sometimes a housing association or council wants to understand the general state of insulation or window performance across a number of properties. Or the landlord may suspect a widespread problem such as wet or defective cavity wall insulation (CWI). In this case we can identify if there is a problem, what the likely cause is, and then document the magnitude of the problem.

We have worked closely with one housing association to define specific archetypes of their buildings. Then a plan was made to survey a small sample of each archetype. We could identify what were common weaknesses and defects, and which were more random individual problems. This provides a useful basis for developing refurbishment plans and solutions.  There is a key advantage of this approach. By conducting a smaller number of technically valid and thorough surveys, a much deeper understanding of the building stock can be gathered than a more widespread superficial and technically ambiguous scan of the front of buildings. And this can normally be achieved at similar cost.

What Types of Buildings Can We Survey?

In short – anything. Individual detached, semi-detached or terraced houses. Even whole estates of blocks of 1960s flats. We have surveyed new build properties tracing water leaks for one developer building social housing, to much of a whole village of listed buildings owned by the Crown Estate.

How do we Conduct a Thermographic Stock Survey?

Every case is different but we will always start with discussion on the client’s objectives and the constraints we will have.  Then we can propose some options and make a plan.

We will discuss key areas with the client which will affect the duration and cost of the project. These will include such items as the feasibility of access, the specific goals of the survey and the level of reporting. We will normally generate a customised thermal imaging report template for the client to provide precisely what is wanted at lowest cost.