June 12, 2013


Commercial Heat Related Image AnalysisAs thermal imaging consultants, we provide thermal pictures or analysis of these images for many clients.

ScanTherm can provide thermal photography expertise to many clients including the legal profession, marketing and advertising, and research and development activities.

For example:

  • Expert witness type analysis of thermal images to advise what can or cannot reasonably be deduced.
  • Marketing images to promote a product or communicate a specific message. We have tens of thousands of images in our own database and if not, will happily work with clients to produce images to specification.
  • “Before and after” images showing the improvements an insulation product, for example, has provided.Heat-Loss Images and Consultncy in London & Kent
  • Thermal videos for marketing or technical uses
  • R&D support analysing products, providing problem solving ideas and test data prior to full product certificationNon-Intrusive Imaging Surveys to the Home & Business Sectors

With our HD thermal representations we can work with you on many different projects. Our deep engineering knowledge combined with enthusiasm for thermo-graphical imagery means we will try almost anything safe, legal and in reasonable taste!

In some cases our expertise in high definition thermic imaging is initially used for technical reasons. Then our client sees the marketing benefit.  A good example of this was Trivselhus, one of Sweden’s leading builders of low energy homes. They recognised that our images commissioned to “sign-off” of a number of their UK houses could be used to promote their “Fabric First” approach. See more on the Trivselhus blog here

Sometimes people just want a nice image!

thermal interpretation of Caterham 7 Car