Surveying Services

infrared thermal imaging survey services

ScanTherm provides a wide range of building thermography services based around the use of infrared cameras.

This section outlines our services by thermographic application.  We have a standard approach to some infrared surveys, but in many case a bespoke approach is needed and we will always work hard with clients to ensure we meet their needs as best we can.

How much does a commercial thermal survey cost? The cost of a thermographic survey is a very common question with a very easy answer: “it depends”!   Over the past couple of years the thermal surveys we have conducted ranged from as little as £300 to much more than £50,000.  Typically £600-£2000. We do not publish a schedule of thermal survey prices because we price every piece of work individually and provide a written quote and this only comes after a discussion with the client to ascertain what is wanted. Some companies quote a fixed day price of say £1200 to conduct a commercial survey and then £650 to write the report.  We work in a very different way and look at the size of the survey, the location/travel involved, what if any type of report is required and then quote a fixed price. We also may surprise you with how fast we can work on site: this is because we spend time you do not see PLANNING. And conversely you may be surprised to learn how long we spend on the analysis and reporting once back in the office – once you see your reports you then see the high quality results and hopefully the value.  Are we the cheapest thermal imaging company? No – inexperienced people using low end equipment badly will often be cheaper. Are we the most expensive – no not normally, although occasionally we have been when we knew what was involved to do the job properly and others didn’t. Our goal is simply to be the best value thermal imaging company by being the best technically, providing great individual service and at a competitive professional market price. That is how we get repeat customers.

And how much does a domestic/home thermal survey cost? Again – it depends, for very similar reasons as above. We do NOT do quick and dirty surveys/analysis as the advice that follows will almost certainly be flawed. There is a right way to do surveys and there are many wrong ways. We do our best to do the former.  Our thermal surveys may range from around £300+VAT upwards depending what is needed.

Our services can be grouped as follows:

  • Aerial Thermography Surveys: this can be to view district heating systems, roofs, underground water leaks, solar installations and many other applications
  • BREEAM Themography Surveys: these are specific surveys which must be carried out by a PCN Level 2 certified thermographer to generate BREEAM credits under different BREEAM schemes
  • DampScan: this is a group of unique ScanTherm approaches for locating moisture and leak tracing in buildings using thermal cameras and other tools
  • HeatScan: this is our advanced approach to locating, visualising and in some cases quantifying the thermal performance of building envelopes.
  • RoofScan: we can look under or onto roofs to diagnose many problems relating to both water leaks and heat loss
  • SolarScan: we have gathered experience on thermal imaging of both solar PV and solar thermal installations to diagnose performance and defects
  • Under Floor System: the non-destructive nature of thermal imaging allows a unique view of systems buried in or under other materials allowing their location and performance to be documented
  • Special Projects: we can use our experience and equipment to work in a bespoke manner on all number of applications from equine thermography to artistic images of buildings or anything else.

The following pages provide more information on the range of building thermography services we provide.