Under Floor Heating Leaks and Location

thermal image under floor heating

Locate under floor heating leaks, trace and diagnose hidden pipes and underfloor systems.

Using sensitive thermal imaging cameras, we can locate both hot and in many cases, cold pipes buried in or under other building materials.

Often the location of hidden systems is needed even when functioning correctly, for example during refurbishment or drying of flooded buildings. In this case we can provide a visual record of where pipes are situated and/or physical marking of the building to make a permanent record of the location. Often there is no building information available on the location of older systems and asbestos insulation may preclude destructive investigation or even removal of inspection covers. In this case, the non-destructive nature of thermal imaging can be a huge cost save as well as offering health and safety benefits.

We also diagnose leaks, faulty systems, inoperative loops of hydronic heatinh systems or blockages in supply and waste pipes.