March 27, 2015

Air Tightness Testing

ScanTherm can offer combined thermography and air leakage testing.

combined air tightness and thermography

combined air tightness and thermography

Air leakage testing becomes more important each year as Part L requirements become more stringent. There is a natural partnership between thermal imaging and air leakage testing. Why is this?

Air tightness testing with a blower door and thermographic testing are not interchangeable but they both have similar ultimate goals to locate sources of heat loss in buildings.  In some cases, a thermal camera can help locate the leaks that the blower door used for air tightness testing has energised. In other cases, we as thermographers want to control the air movement within a building to enable us to document weaknesses in the thermal envelope. In either case, expertise is needed in thermography and expertise is needed in air tightness investigation.  Combining the best skills in air leakage testing and thermography allows amazing results to be generated highlighting and allowing prioritisation of leak points around a building big or small.

Air leakage and thermal imaging Themal imaging and air leakage test


That is why ScanTherm now has expert partners certified to test to both commercial/non-dwelling building procedures (TSL2) and  for dwellings  procedures (TSL1).

This allows ScanTherm to provide a combined service to clients for combined thermal imaging and air tightness testing for BREEAM or any other requirement.

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