September 3, 2014

Home Surveys

A thermal imaging heat loss survey provides home owners answers as to why their home is cold, where it is costing them money and wasting energy.

Homeowners sometimes have a general need to understand where they are losing heat from their property. Sometimes parts of the house or flat feels cold. In other cases, refurbishment is being planned and they want an infrared imaging survey to help prioritise what to improve, and where.

In other cases the homeowner has a very specific problem to investigate. For example, old (or new) windows may be draughty or cold and they need evidence of where and how the heat loss is occurring,

Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Survey – Houses

We use the highest quality professional infrared thermal imaging equipment and a “best practice” approach to provide home owners with valuable information on their houses.That is why we are often called upon by Building Control, the NHBC and housebuilders to investigate causes of heat loss from many types of home.

ScanTherm can conduct an infrared heat loss survey for a prospective buyer, for the current home owner, or at the recommendation of the NHBC or other guarantee companies such as Premier Guarantee. 

We have surveyed hundreds of individual houses of every age, size and design. The oldest probably dated back to the 1400s. Many are brand new. We have discovered some very serious defects on new-build properties. In these cases, thermal imaging has proven beyond doubt that a) there is a problem and b) where it is and c) what is likely to be causing it.

There really is no limit to the age, or size or type of building including the very newest high-tech buildings. We have thermally surveyed a number of Passivhaus standard buildings including a Grand Design!


We can offer standard surveys as well as the current “state of the art” method using thermographic scanning whilst the building is de-pressurised by an air tightness blower door. This provides the ultimate insight into the heat loss paths.

We will provide a courteous and helpful service and will explain why we survey the way we do, and why we need to do it in specific conditions. These are typically early in the morning or late in the evening during cold weather.  Understandably, most homeowners have some questions on thermal imaging surveys. We suggest you first look at our FAQs below which will hopefully help.  Then, please get in touch with any further specific questions and for a free quotation.

One final comment: we do not provide “quick and dirty” thermal surveys conducted under inappropriate conditions which may look impressive but are often meaningless and worse, may mislead. Nor with “hobbyist” cameras costing 1 or 2% of what ours cost. So you may be offered cheaper options but we do suggest you make sure you are being offered a worthwhile heat loss survey.

Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Survey – Flats

A thermal heat loss survey can be conducted on an individual flat or a block of flats.   In many cases we are commissioned by residential management or block management companies to survey blocks of flats to investigate insulation, as well as leaks or condensation and mould. We have a many cases studies we can share on request covering a range of different thermographic surveys of blocks of flat.