Thermography Training and Certification

ScanTherm building thermographers are trained up to Level 3 in Thermography and have Level 2 PCN and SNT-TC-1A certification in line with ISO 18436-7.

In addition, our lead Level 3 thermographer is actively involved in training and specialised in the training of  building thermography applications. See our own training programs here!

What do all these letters and numbers mean?  Training and certification of thermographers can be a confusing business and many like to keep it that way.  Here is a simplified view:

  • Thermography is unregulated! For almost all thermographic work in buildings, anybody can beg, steal, borrow  or hire a camera and take an image or two. However…
  • There is great deal of skill and knowledge required preparing to take good images, handling the camera properly to actually capture good images, gathering associated environmental and technical information, interpreting the infrared image and reporting and making recommendations based on the images AND all the supporting data.
  • Training is critical as well as a verifiable track record of relevant experience.
  • Certification IS REQUIRED for conducting BREEAM thermographic surveys.  This must be a minimum Level 2 and should be Level 2 “PCN” Civil Thermographycertification from BINDT (the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) in accordance with ISO 18436-7.
  • To achieve Level 2 thermography certification  requires approved training and stringent examination by BINDT and a minimum of 1200 hours hands-on experience.
  • Note that a Level 1 thermographer is not permitted under ISO 18436-7 to conduct surveys unless working under the direction of a Level 2 and in any case cannot provide analysis or recommendations or sign-off a report without the approval of  a Level 2.
  • Other certification schemes are available such as ASNT certification guideline SNT-TC-1A which is a structured and well respected certification.
  • When certification is not required, what is important is that the thermographer has been properly trained in the applications he is using, and can demonstrate experience of this.