HeatScan Commercial Surveys

infrared thermal imaging heat loss survey

HeatScan is our thermographic approach for assessing heat loss caused by poor continuity of insulation, thermal bridging, U-value continuity and air leaks.HeatScan

A sensitive and high spatial resolution thermal imaging camera is a fast way of assessing the thermal performance of a building envelope in the as-built condition.  ScanTherm has extensive experience of assessing thermal performance of many types of building. We conduct infrared surveys on commercial and residential buildings and everything from listed buildings to the latest high performance Passivhaus structures. We are utilised by architects, main contractors, developers, building control, householders, energy assessors, sub-contractors and many others to verify new building performance, help drive refurbishment programs, gain BREEAM points and improve building comfort.

We must always gather environmental data inside and out and normally like to conduct thermal scans on both internal and external wall surfaces to make the best interpretations of thermal images. The weather conditions to conduct this type of survey are quite critical and we always work with our clients to find the best compromise between acceptable survey conditions and project timing and other constraints.

In some cases it is preferable to conduct the thermographic survey whilst the building is pressurised or de-pressurised using a blower door. A huge amount of thermal information can be gathered on a building enevlope in this case.