Special Projects

equine thermography, special projectsWe provide thermal images or thermal video for marketing as well as technical applications, before and after shots, R&D, equine or veterinary applications.

With our “HD thermal” images we can work with you on many different projects. Our deep engineering knowledge combined with enthusiasm for thermography means we will try almost anything safe and legal!

In some cases our expertise in high definition thermal imaging is used for technical reasons initially, but then the power of using a thermal image as a marketing and communication tool is realised by our clients. A good example of this was the recognition by Trivselhus, one of Sweden’s leading builders of low energy homes, that our images commissioned to “sign-off” of a number of their UK houses could be used to promote their Fabric First approach. See more on the Trivselhus blog here.

Sometimes it is just a present for someone to see their pride and joy in a new light!

thermal image of caterham 7